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The Valley Sestaione is located Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in the northern part of the Province of Pistoia, and is crossed by the river Sestaione, a tributary of the river Lima, which is a tributary of the Serchio River, which flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea .

From its head, to the west, at the Alpe Three Powers, a mountain 1,940 meters high above sea level, to the mouth of the Lima Valley, the Valley of Sestaione trend has first from South-West to North-East, for about one-third of its length, then from the Northwest to Southeast. His left side, breaking away from the Alps to the West Three Powers, on the border with Lucca, is bordered to the north: from the Old Pass, Mount Old Tooth, from Passo della Fariola, by the massive Monte Elbow, 1,892 meters high above sea level, so the long ridge that slopes down through the Harness at the confluence of the river Sestaione stream in La Lima. His right side, after having detached, in the West, from the Alps Three Powers, continues through the Foce Campolino and Monte Poggione, then descending through the mountain Aviary and the Sentinel Pass to Mount Caligi. In the East Valley Sestaione flows into the sudden Pistoia Valley Lima, almost opposite the town of Cutigliano. Towards the north of the Valley Sestaione borders before with the Val di Luce, then with the Valley Scotenna River, a tributary of the river Panaro, a tributary of the Po River, which flows into the Adriatic Sea. Towards the south, the valley of Sestaione borders before the valley of Lucca Fegana, then with the middle course, in the territory of Lucca, in the Valley of the River La Lima, a tributary of the Serchio River, which flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the west, the area of ​​the Valley of Sestaione belongs to the Municipality of Abetone; in the east, where there are the towns of Pian di Novello and Plan of the Alders, the City of Cutigliano. From the Alps to the mouth of the Three Powers in Lima Valley, opposite the village of Cutigliano, to 637 meters above sea level, the valley of Sestaione has a length of about 10 km and a vertical drop of 1,303 meters. Below the average height of about 1550 meters s.l.m. Valley Sestaione is covered by dense trees and shrubs: the predomimanti forest species are the beech and spruce; in addition, the vegetation consists of high-altitude moors, with frequent pastures and rocky outcrops. Around the villages of Plan of the Alders and of Pian di Novello there are fields and meadows.

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Hotel La Casetta

Hotel Restaurant the Small house, familiar management, traditional kitchen of the pistoiese mountain with products of the underbrush, offers:• n.

Distance from Pian di Novello: 0 miles (Cutigliano)


Hotel Villa Patrizia

Situated along the road that dominates Cutigliano, Villa Patrizia is an old 19th century villa that is an oasis of peace and quiet, and was the residence of Giacomo Puccini during his visits to the delightful Appennines of the Pistoia area.

Distance from Pian di Novello: 4 miles (Cutigliano)


Hotel La Valle

Welcome to Cutigliano! The white snow, green forest, the quiet, pristine environment of the Mount Pistoiese are the scene of the 27 rooms' Hotel La Valle, equipped with personal care typical of a modern and welcoming family run.

Distance from Pian di Novello: 4 miles (Cutigliano)